We hear everyday about major hacks happening in big coporations and it costing them millions. And we may have also heard of our friends social media accounts being hacked.

And in majority of the cases the causes were easy-to-remember passwords, weak passwords, or the same password being used for multiple platforms.

But, I was wondering whether security should come at the cost of convenience? like having a strong password that is hard to remember or having a different password for each platform. And I came to the conclusion that it should not.

The Solution

Security Keys (Yubikeys, etc)

Google published a report where they said that they have ZERO hacks since 2017 becasue of using YubiKeys.

How & Why?

Yubikey is a physical securty key which works like a physical key. Like when you want to login in to a website you just put the Yubikey into your laptop. And you don’t need to remember any passwords. And the Yubikey generates unique passowrd for each website. And like physical SIMs it works only when you have the physical Yubkiey. So, this requirement of pyhical key reduces the probality of getting hacked by a landslide.

How to use?

And it is much easir to use. Like just put the key into your laptop or tap into your phone(works via NFC). And its also faster, as you don’t need to type anything.

So, I would recommend you to use Yubikeys.