As technology progress accelerates, we see more of tech that are general like everybody [OR] every other startup is doing things which other startups are doing. And we see less of local tech.

Being a contrarian in this field I think that local tech is the future.

When I mean local tech I mean tech that is specific to a region or a country. I mean catering to people in their own regional language and their culture.

Like today more and more people are watching regional content on YouTube, Prime Video, etc. This shows we should build tech which people can understand without any language barrier.

And it reduces the resistance in communication.

Like for e.g. if you want tO build a education platform you can build a ML model which lets students speak certain sentences and the app will tell which all words the student should pronounce correctly. And this will help students to improve their pronunciation. This adds as a supportive tool for students to read and encourages students to read.

And I think that this trend will continue. And we will see more and more local tech companies.

So, to successful in AI era I think we need to focus on being more niche.