Today everybody say that jobs will be lost due to AI but, I think we will have the opportunity of creating more jobs and like how if you put 10k in 10 large-cap stocks and after 10 years if 2-3 stocks underperform or went bankrupt also your overall investment would have beaten the market index due to overperformance of 1-2 companies.

Similarly, if some 10-20% jobs get lost also we will have AI companies which will create more jobs and due to simplification of jobs more people will use the services which were earlier expensive/tedious/only available to large companies.

For e.g. india has over 6cr+ MSMEs(Small & Medium sized businesses) but, very few businesses use digital tools. Like, still majority of shops use paper billing and no proper inventory tracking. And no website and no social media presence. The reasons for these are the barrier to entry, like you need to know many technical terms to maintain digital softwares like billing, accounting(Tally) and/or expensive.

So, due to AI we can simplify and reduce the overall cost of software and ultimately these 6cr+ businesses will use these tools.

So, stop worrying and build for the next billion.